Training & Workshops

The LLAP project uses U-M as a “training” case study to help other libraries empirically assess and predict their impact on learning outcomes. The project is expected to catalyze the analytics capacity of a community and network of library institutions. At the core of this community is the diverse set of faculty and professionals from the libraries and professional associations that collectively constitute the project advisory group (PAG). The project team is guided by the PAG community in developing computational tools (calculations and algorithms for database and data management, presentation, and extracting meaning from data), scripts (source codes and programs), and protocols (written, predefined, and standardized procedures) that are usable across different institutional settings.

Our training activities include annual PAG Workshops where member representatives are tutored and immersed in training tasks to ease voluntary replication of the project, but using their own data. During the annual PAG workshops at U-M (held in May 2019 and being scheduled for May 2021, the May 2020 workshop not being held because of the COVID-19 pandemic), we will share aggregated and anonymized results with PAG members and immerse them in training activities designed to ease voluntary replication of the project, but using their own data.

Training Materials


  • Workshop Resources (for May 30-31, 2019 workshop).
  • Details of the May 2021 virtual workshop are being developed