Library Learning Analytics Project

The Library Learning Analytics Project (LLAP) is a collaborative study of how academic libraries impact learning by 17 institutions led by the University of Michigan. LLAP has two primary goals. The first includes identifying how the library impacts learning, especially in the areas of course instruction, research (including funding), and publication. The second entails developing sharable tools, scripts and protocols on the basis of principled engagement and professional agency. The LLAP project will provide guidance on how to best design and implement empirical, holistic analysis of the links between library usage and learning outcomes. The project will produce a set of tools, scripts, and protocols that will be freely available to all libraries.

In this paper I used interlibrary lending (ILL) data from @OCLC to examine the positive relationship between an academic library's position in the ILL network, the university's @usnews ranking. #libraries are more than just cost centers!

Academic #libraries matter to #universities in more ways than you might think. In this paper I used ILL data to examine associations between the library's position in the ILL network, and the university's @usnews ranking:

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